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Summer 2024 Updates

Summer Tulum

Mereva Tulum from the sky.

Celebrate by booking your stay before July 7 and secure your stay at Hotel Mereva in Tulum for travel through December 20, 2024.

Plus, your reservation includes an American a la carte breakfast to start your days energized and you can use our snorkeling, kayaking and paddle surfing equipment to explore the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of our rooms with dreamy amenities and relax in one of our two pools. All this in an environment of privacy and connection with nature, making your stay a true paradise nestled in the jungle of Tankah.

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Whale Sharks in Quintana Roo, Mexico by National Geographic.

The whale shark, the largest fish in the sea at 12 meters or more, has a large menu to choose from. Fortunately for most sea creatures (and us!), their favorite food is plankton. They capture these tiny plants and animals, along with any small fish that pass by, with their colossal open mouths as they swim close to the water’s surface.

The whale shark, like the second largest fish on the planet, the basking shark, is a filter feeder. To eat, it opens its huge jaws wide and sucks in whatever is nearby. It then closes its mouth, expelling and filtering the water through its gills. Whatever is left inside is swallowed by this giant shark.

The whale shark’s flattened head sports a blunt snout above its mouth, with small beards protruding from the nostrils. Its back and sides are gray to brownish, with white spots between pale vertical and horizontal stripes, and the belly is white. Its two dorsal fins are oriented towards the back of its body, which ends with a large forked tail or caudal fin.

Because they prefer warm waters, whale sharks are present in all tropical seas. They are known to migrate each spring to the continental shelf off the central west coast of Australia. Coral breeding on Ningaloo Reef, located in that area, provides the whale shark with an abundance of plankton.

Despite its enormous size, the whale shark is a docile fish that sometimes allows divers to swim around clinging to them. They are currently listed as a vulnerable species. Sadly, they are still hunted in some parts of Asia, such as Taiwan and the Philippines, but here in Quintana Roo, where they are very well cared for and appreciated, you can visit, observe and swim with them.


  1. It’s a long tour, be sure to bring your charged battery and waterproof protection for your phone.
  2. Check with your doctor what is the best medication for you to avoid motion sickness, an example is Dramamine.
  3. Wear sunscreen before boarding the boat, as you will not be allowed to use sunscreen on the boat for protection of the aquatic environment.
  4. Stay hydrated and alcohol-free to avoid body aches and headaches after the trip.


Reserve your whale shark experience at reservaciones@mereva.mx


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