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Sargasso Tulum

Sargasso is a reality that is being experienced in the Riviera Maya and consequently affects the activities we do on the beach, but it is not the only activity that can be done in the paradise of Tulum, so we have the perfect alternatives so you can continue to enjoy a unique vacation.

  • Immerse yourself in a Mayan cenote, cenotes are natural fresh water wells that were sacred to the Mayans who were considered a place of communication between the terrestrial world and the underworld. There are miles of cenotes in Tulum and there really are all kinds: some are perfect for families with children and beginner swimmers, others are only recommended for experienced divers.
  • Tulum is the most important yoga and relaxation destination in Quintana Roo. There are several yoga studios in Tulum for those who wish to learn or practice their passion during their vacation.
  • The famous ruins of Tulum are one of the emblematic highlights of the Riviera Maya. This fortified city dedicated to the cult of the Descending God is an excellent alternative for a day trip.
  • Experience the Mayan temazcal, from the Nahuatl “temazcalli”, house where one sweats. It is a steam bath of pre-Hispanic origin with medicinal herbs that is prepared in a mud or stone hut and aims to purify the body and soul.
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