Activities near the Area, from cenotes to 5 min to the Archaeological Zone of Tulum

Hotel Mereva Tulum

Located at Tankah Bay, in the wonderful Mayan Riviera, right across an extraordinary turquoise sea, characteristic of the Mexican Caribbean, a few minutes away from the Mayan ruins of Tulum and the town of the same name, just some feet away from the Manati Sinkhole (Cenote) and surrounded by thick mangroves, you will find Blue Sky Tulum, Boutique Hotel and Restaurant.

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5 Min

Cenote Manatee

Just a few steps away from the Hotel Mereva Tulum , you’ll find the enchanting Cenote Manatee. This long-winding cenote features water that is stunningly clear. Put on your snorkel gear and do some fun exploring.

18 Min

The Mayan Archeological Ruins of Tulum

Want to know a secret? These ruins are possibly the most gorgeous of all the Mayan ruins. Why is that? Because of the intensely turquoise sea that is the backdrop of the Tulum Ruins. If you want to take a picture that will amaze your friends, come to the Tulum Ruins.

15 Min

Cenote Dos Ojos

The best cenote in the Riviera Maya? Some say it’s Cenote Dos Ojos. Why? Because it has striking turquoise waters and one of the largest underground cave system in the world. You don’t want to miss out on this gorgeous cenote.

11 Min

Xel-Ha Waterpark

The most amazing natural waterpark in the world? Most people agree, it’s Xel-Ha Waterpark. This is no ordinary waterpark either. It is carved into a natural cove, so you can see tropical fish and stingray as you snorkel your way around. There’s also the fourth tallest waterslide in the world that finishes in a natural cenote.

45 Min

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the largest growing cities in all of Latin America. Why? Because it has a fusion of cultures from all over the world. Take a walk down the world-famous “Quinta Avenida” or Fifth Avenue to find out why everyone is traveling to Playa del Carmen.

20 Min

Grand Cenote

This is one of the largest cenotes you’ll find in the Riviera Maya. This is the perfect cenote to put on your scuba diving gear and go for a guided tour. You’ll stalagmites, stalactites, and much more.

22 Min

Pescadores Beach in Tulum

One of the best beaches in the world? According to USNews, Pescadores Beach. Why? Because it features jaw-droppingly beautiful waters, soft white sand, and you can even see the Tulum ruins from where you are. It’s the perfect beach to take a stroll down.

35 Min

The Mayan Archeological Ruins of Muyil

Would you like to visit one of the oldest Mayan ruins on the Caribbean coast? Then you have to come see the archeological site of Muyil. They estimate it has been around since 300 years B.C.E. It also features a formidably high pyramid standing at 57 feet high.

45 Min

Sian Ka’an Biosphere

This gorgeous biosphere is home to thousands of species, both fauna & flora. And is one of the largest protected areas in the Mexican Caribbean and is recognized by UNESCO. Here you can go snorkeling, take one of the ancient Mayan routes created over a thousand years ago, or go bird-watching.

50 Min

The Mayan Archeological Ruins of Coba

Do you know where the tallest Mayan pyramid exists? That’s right, its at the Mayan Ruins of Coba. And guess what? You can still scale to the top for a view that can’t be beat. Many people rent bicycles to navigate from each ruin to the next, so it makes for a fun day of activities.

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