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10 Reasons To Choose Tankah Bay Over The Hotel Zone When Staying In Tulum


When travelers decide they want to go to a boutique hotel on the beach, the choices are too many. If the selected destination is Tulum, it is important to know the advantages of each area where they are located. A boutique hotel in Tulum can be found in more than one neighborhood.

These locations are:

– Tulum Downtown

– Tulum Jungle

– Tulum Hotel Zone

– Tulum Tankah Bay


1. Avoid the traffic. Tankah Bay is closer to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.no need to go through the city center as it is the first private bay in Tulum. Less driving time from Cancun International Airport and less commuting time to the different activities and places of interest as you’ll skip the hotel zone and city center traffic.

2. Safety. Tankah Bay is a private gated community that is only accessible to homeowners and guests of the few hotels established here. Identification is required at the security booth and each establishment has security elements that safeguard their facilities and surroundings. In addition, it is protected by a large extension of reef that acts as a wave breaker, leaving the bay as a large turquoise pool.

3. Privacy. Precisely because of its somewhat of a hidden location, this beautiful bay is not accessible to everyone, after a rustic drive through wild nature and a security check, you will find your venue, which beach is practically private and not shared with many. There are no peddlers or guests from other hotels invading property´s space.

4. Silence. Unlike the hotel zone and downtown, Tankah Bay is deliciously quiet; you can really rest at night. If you are looking for parties, DJs, bars, and beach clubs, Tankah Bay is not for you. This area really offers relaxation and enjoyment of nature.

5. Gastronomic experience. You don’t have to take a cab or leave the neighborhood to enjoy a delightful culinary moment, particularly when visiting the local hotels, each one has its own themed casual restaurant. To be noted as references are Umbal at Nerea, with Wellbeing Cuisine, a concept where the selection of healthy ingredients extends through vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegan dishes; Tz’onot at Alea, authentic Mexican Cuisine and BSky Restaurant at Mereva, wood fired kitchen and the best pizzas in Tulum.

6. Access to tourist attractions. We are 5 minutes by car from the famous Tulum Archaeological Zone, and besides the Manatí Cenote, which is inside Tankah Bay, this area has other cenotes such as Dos Ojos and Tortuga, the latter 10 minutes from Tankah by car with 2 external cenotes and 2 cavern cenotes.

7. The best vacation homes in Tulum are in Tankah Bay, at the foot of a beautiful quiet and tranquil beach. Some of them are: Casa Alea Tulum, Sagrado Mar, Condominio en Dreams Tulum and Villa Zama.

8. Water activities without crowds. Whether swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or kayaking, Tankah Bay has the advantage of not being shared with many people, you can go from your hotel to the reef to observe the hidden natural beauties from the Caribbean Sea or just swim in a solitary and quiet environment.

9. Retreat activities. From a yoga session to a relaxing massage on a pier with the sound of the sea, the bay provides the perfect setting for these relaxing, rejuvenating and wellness activities, as well as peaceful contemplation of wild nature.

10. More attractive rates. It seems that being in Tulum’s Hotel Zone means having to pay higher rates. You will find that the hotels in Tankah Bay offer attractive rates with the same or even more amenities that you can find in the hotel zone.

Do not hesitate to explore this beautiful hidden bay but with enough development to receive demanding travelers looking for quality, comfort, relaxation, and safety.

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